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Mst. Mag. Ph.D. Herwig K. Troppko MMA MEdSc


Advice and help for the solutions you need to solve problems in acutely critical, exceptional emotional situations. Use our expertise to support goal-oriented development processes and their resources. We are at your disposal for further information and refer you to our contact form if necessary!

The topics listed below do not claim to be complete. The "momentum" considered as the origin of a disposition, shaped by variables of digitization and globalization of prevailing information, is the focus of attention. At the beginning of this presentation there is a thought by Immanuel Kant that should be considered. He may have considered that the focus of our endeavor, our increase in knowledge, has a real reflection on life and poses the personal challenge to and for ourselves, the "culture of memory", the "conscious and unconscious", "real life" as To consider variables of orientation or dispositive reflection of anthropology.

A communication system of a particular science integrates only certain theories that conform to prevailing paradigms. This effect also contributes to the reduction of complexity, since huge volumes of publications have to be structured.

One's own basis, one's own living environment, is an essential key to supporting one's own "culture of memory" in order to make oneself tangible as a "therapist and remedy". In this respect, to develop your own design of a holistic health care system. The didactic approach is to be sought in the common continuum, in which universal, overarching information and energetic resources are exchanged between the helper and the individual (communication partner/adviser).


The history of theory attempts to upgrade systematic thoughts from theories from past epochs to clarify the problem of the present.


It is important to redefine your own "I & WE"! To create a new, if possible better, reality.

"The tendentious apperception is an impulse to break through the collectivity of a rigid way of thinking in order to open up impulses for the development of community, universal diversity in the construction of consciousness."

© dr Mag. Mst. Herwig K. Troppko MMA MEdSc

educational areas

Doctor(Dr.),  Magister

Educational institution: Inter - Uni - Graz

doctoral mother:        Roth,  Roswith, Ao.Univ.-Prof.iR Dr.phil. Rector retired

Description:        Doctorate depth psychology, process orientation - in the context of interdisciplinarity and                             Transdisciplinarity, pedagogy, psychology, sociology, ecology, economy, ...

Master of Education, Master of Science(M.Ed.Sc.)

Educational institution: Inter - Uni - Graz

Description:       Education and educational sciences, pedagogy, sociology, child development, gender and                      Diversity...

Master of Arts (MA)

Educational institution: Danube - Uni - Krems

Description:       Media Art Cultures, management, photography, visual studies, ...

Masters of  Arts(MA)

Educational institution: KF Uni - Graz

Description:       Communication, conflict management, OE, TM, GM, mediation, negotiation, ...


Educational institution: Graphics Teaching and Research Institute Vienna

Description:       Business management, trade, photography, multimedia, ...

Apprenticeship (LAP)

Educational institution: FA Winsauer Kodak Vorarlberg

Description:       Trade, advertising, photography, industrial design, laboratory, ...

Matura (AHS)

Educational institution: Pedagogical training institute for social professions / St. Pölten

Description:        AHS Matura

Clerk of the State of Styria

Educational institution: GPS Stadt Graz

Description:       Graz parking space and traffic monitoring service, ...

State-certified ski instructor

Educational institution: BSFZ - Federal Sports and Leisure Center / Vienna

Description:        Training theory, (D) trainer, alpine training, civil protection, ...

areas of activity

Professorenstelle seit 2023

Dr. Mag. Herwig K. Troppko mult.

CEO Psychologist, Educator, Court Mediator

dr Mag. Herwig K. Troppko mult.

Description: Consulting, process orientation, system solutions, communication and conflict management, visual                    Communication, media trainer, psychologist, educator, court mediator, OE-TM-GM, ...

Consulting / Regional Management...

Pole. Fraction of the State of Stmk/Graz

Description: administrative activities, preparation of meetings, system solutions, communication and conflict management,                visual communication, media trainer, psychologist, educator, court mediator

Consulting - Parliamentary Assistant

For the Republic of Austria - Parliamentary Assistant

Description: Committee work, meeting preparation, system solutions, communication and conflict management,                    visual communication, media trainer, psychologist, educator, court mediator


Central Red Cross Styria/Graz

Description: CEO Educational and special ped. Advice and support, ...

Trainer, teacher, seminar leader

Institute WIFI

Description: Specialist theory instructor, teacher - "QAP", ...

Teachers AHS, LBS, FH

State of Styria, Lower Austria, ...

Description: FG1, business subjects, political education, ...

Supervisory body of the State of Styria

GPS city of Graz

Description: Public service, parking surveillance, traffic surveillance, ...

National board member


Description: Chairman of examiners - master craftsman and journeyman examiner, education officer, guild work, ...

CEO Specialist theory Manager, trainer, lecturer

SIM Training Institute Austria

Description: Specialist theory leader and lecturer, ...


FA Troppko Ges.mbH / sole trader

Description: Trade, services, advertising, PR, graphics, industrial photography, photography, training and                       Training activities, holding seminars, ...

Senior Operations Officer

FA Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe (WVB)

Description: Senior company official, bus driver, ...

Teaching trade / photography

FA Winsauer / Kodak

Description: public relations, advertising, trade, photography, laboratory, ...

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