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Organizational Development (OE) - Transformation Management (TM)

Change Management (CM)

The socio-psychological basis serves as the basis for organizational development  with their variables  to understand, design and manage.

Change and adaptation are to be understood as constant evaluation and as reorientation are to be subordinated to central acceptance. Our system of mediation (MTK) offers all variables and factors enough space to be considered. Implementations of new concepts can often trigger negative reactions that have a negative impact on the people, groups, processes, goals, teamwork, finances, and much more.


your possible  change processes


Leadership, group conflicts, working models, changes in the market situation,  

Globalization variables, mergers, project management, teamwork, and much more

Guided , accompanying change processes should be about "Those Affected - Systemic Variables and Solutions"

find integration. We are happy to offer customized concepts for your concerns.

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phase orientation above  Institution , disposition and transformation

ACTUAL orientation

Transformation Orientation


TARGET orientation

We deliberately refrain from presenting you with lists of systemic approaches.

Our approaches implement "universally coordinated concepts" - solution concepts for your concerns.

Take the opportunity for individual  Lectures, training courses and seminars.

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