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Prevention - communication - conflict management

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PKK - Prevention & Communication & Conflict Management

M u lticultural culture of discussion is the "alpha" and the "omega" of open-minded prevention communication in order to exclude or channel conflicts of all kinds in advance.​  The conflict - field - orientation is therefore the basis for creating a balance of interests.

A precise, systemic analysis of your existing problems is tailor-made, the integration of influencing variables is precisely coordinated in a psychological, -sociological, -pedagogical, -economical, -as well as ecological way.


3 orientation areas:

area 1

Organizational Conflict - Orientation (OKO)

conflict of goals  - Orientation (ZKO)

Disposition Conflict - Orientation (DKO)

area 2

transformation conflict   - Orientation (TKO)

Distribution Conflict - Orientation (VKO)

Relationship conflict - orientation (BKO)

area 3

Change Conflict - Orientation (CKO)


T he conflict - field - orientation offers you the chance to discover new possibilities, a new "we" without fear of loss or losers.  

We offer seminars and training courses tailored to your needs:  

  • sales and communication

  • conflict - communication

  • The communication in "WE" and "I"

  • The typology of communication

  • The "Trojan horse" of communication

  • and many more topics...

We are always at your disposal for your inquiries. 

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